Georgia Bulldogs are Getting Snubbed in the Heisman Discussion

By Curt Popejoy
aaron murray
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It appears as we get closer to wrapping up the college football season, the “mystery” of the Heisman trophy is about to be solved. At this point, there are really only 2 players that anyone wants to talk about. It’s unfortunate, because while I consider both very valid finalists, they aren’t the only players who are worthy of consideration.

And I think that 2 players who are absolutely in the the mix as this season winds down both play for the University of Georgia Bulldogs. I’m not sure why neither quarterback Aaron Murray nor linebacker Jarvis Jones aren’t higher on the list, but let me make the case for both.

First we have Murray, who is the starting quarterback for the third ranked team in the BCS, and a team one game away from playing for a national championship. At this point in the season Murray has just a smidge over 3,200 yards passing, 30 touchdowns compared to 7 interceptions. He’s also chipped in 3 rushing scores, and has done this all while only averaging about 18 pass attempts per game. He’s also the only quarterback in the Top 100 in the country to average 10 yards or better per attempt. Ok, enough stats. Murray is really good.

I am in no way advocating that Murray win the award, but I don’t see how he cannot be included among the finalists, especially if the Bulldogs beat Alabama this weekend. If a big quarter against the Crimson Tide put Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel back on the map, why couldn’t a big game by Murray do the same?

The other Bulldog I want to discuss is linebacker Jarvis Jones. All the talk on the defensive side of the football is about Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o, and deservedly so. He has had a tremendous year. But if you were paying attention you will understand that Jones has also put together a dominant season. If you want to compare statistics, that’s fine. I’m not a big stats guy, but the tale of the tape tells me Te’o is better in tackling and interceptions and Jones is better at tackles for loss, sacks, and forced fumbles. Pick your poison I guess, but Jones has been phenomenal.

If having that Heisman moment is part of your criteria, I invite you to go back and watch the Bulldogs and Florida Gators game from this season. 13 total tackles, 4 tackles for loss, 3 sacks and 2 forced fumbles. He absolutely owned the biggest win of the season for the Bulldogs and dismantled the Gator offense.

Another thing that makes what Jones has done even more remarkable is he’s done it in only 10 games. By comparison Te’o has had 12. Again I say, a huge game against Alabama, it should get some deserved attention to a player that for my money is just as “outstanding” as any in the country.

Will Murray or Jones win the Heisman? Of course not. At this point I think most media talking heads have made it a 2 man race, but Georgia have a couple of players that can give either a run for their money.

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