ACC Presidents Approve Louisville As Next Member

By Riley Schmitt

It did not take long for the ACC to decide the fate of Louisville. The conference presidents have approved the addition of the school to the conference after their ungodly early conference call. The team would arrive to the conference in 2014 in all sports.

UPDATE: Sources confirm to David Glenn that Louisville has been approved by ACC presidents. Cardinals expected to arrive in 2014.

The above comes form David Glenn, who has been all over this story.  The conference adding a school should come as no surprise and Louisville makes perfect sense.  The conference was hurt by not being strong at the top with football and the Cardinals have had a very good year and should continue to for the foreseeable future.  If they were going to add a team, they picked a good one.

We will see how the other conferences react, because you know they were watching this closely.  Does another one decide to poach another ACC team to put more pressure on the conference to add a better team?   Sometimes you end up adding a team just for the sake of adding one.

This is a good move going forward for both parties and it should come as no surprise that it was approved.  This is the college world that we live in now.  More rumors like this will continue to pop up as teams and conferences continue to chase the money.  It might not be pretty, but it is certainly effective in the end.


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