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College Football Playoffs: Top Five Conferences Who Will Benefit Most

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Top Five Conferences to Benefit from a College Football Playoff


Let’s be honest folks…

All the conference shuffling of the past few days, weeks and months are all about one thing and one thing only…


About $1 Billion worth of cold hard cash…

And how that money will flow to each school as College Football prepares for the new Four Team Playoff that will take effect at the beginning of the 2014-15 season is making every University President, Athletic Director and Head Coach crazy…

For those of you who are still not too sure about the algorithms of the BCS Rankings as it prepares for its final run, you are going to love the College Football Playoff.

It’s just simple and easy and will be decided by a Selection Committee just like College Basketball.

And everyone just loves March Madness right?

Now sports fans will have a four-plus months of chaos to argue and debate and to sit back on a cold December evening and await the networks to reveal who the Fabulous Four will be!

(By the way, this sports writer is copywriting that term as of right now… got to pay the bills somehow)

But the question everyone wants to know is how in the heck is this committee going to be able to narrow it down to four teams?

At least the BCS Computers kept the argument between only three of four teams…

But now, there will be six or eight teams all griping about how the process cheated them and their players…

(smallest violin in the world playing for your sorrows)

Fact is this is the type of drama that will make this system truckloads more cash than the $125 Million ESPN generates now.

This new deal will generate more than $470 million with the new deal ESPN inked this week.

That’s just crazy money…

But where there is money, there are big winners and big losers…

Especially when you are talking about the earning potential of each conference beginning in 2014.

And the main reason why you see all the conferences adding and subtracting to position themselves for the power and beauty contest that will be this playoff…

So which conferences will benefit the most from this shift?

Let’s take a look at the Top Five Conferences That Will Benefit from a College Football Playoff

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No. 5 - Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Gary A. Vasquez-US PRESSWIRE

So what if the Notre Dame Fighting Irish are not a conference and will be affiliated with ACC Football by 2014?

What the Irish are doing right now and the fact they are going to play for a BCS Title in about a month is simply the beginning of a new era of dominance by Touchdown Jesus.

The BCS was structured to always favor Notre Dame and to give it a shot at a championship each and every year.

It has taken about five coaches and 10 years, but the Irish have found their favor again nationally.

Money is already pouring in to the university and the affiliation with the ACC allows Notre Dame unprecedented access to the Football Playoffs and the new six cash cow Bowl Gams.

Fact is either the Big East will not be around in football come 2014 and the Big 12 with its 10 teams is in jeopardy to make a power play.

Leaving the Irish to remain quasi-independent and ready to control the new system.

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No. 4 - Pac-12 Conference


The West Coast will be alive and well with this new College Football Playoff in just about every aspect.

If the Texas Longhorns move more to an independent state in football only it will create a mad fire sell that the Pac-12 will be first in line to buy.

Even if this doesn’t happen, the Oregon Ducks, UCS Trojans and the other current members will be a first look and the favor of a committee.

Plus, there is a great chances this playoff could easily turn into to be a regional match up as it evolves which will also benefit the school of the Pac-12.

No longer will they get shut down if there are two or three elite teams that beat up on each other.

But the name of this game is winning and in this system each Saturday will in essence be a playoff game.

And that benefits the Pac-12.

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No. 3 - Big 10 Conference


The snake in the grass in this whole new College Football Playoff push is the Big 10.

But there has to be a villain for every great story to be compelling.

Big 10 Commissioner Jim Delany is doing everything he possible can do to set up his conference as the most plentiful guaranteeing his group of teams a spot in the playoff each and every year.

Yes, every current conference is doing the same thing the Big 10 is doing right now, but there is just something about the way Delany is going about it the way he is.

But whether you like his tactics or not, he has already proven to be successful and will lure more teams into his web.

The Big 10 will probably be the first current conference to hit 16 teams.

What this will do is create a Division Champ that only plays games within the division that leads to the conference championship that leads to the winner taking a national playoff spot.

Delany wants to be the first to have the kinks worked out before 2014 giving him a great advantage.

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No. 2 - Southeastern Conference


Look folks, there is no doubt the SEC solved the BCS Equation.

And this new College Football Playoff will be much of the same…

Most everyone thinks that this will hurt the mighty SEC and was created because the computers favored the excellence that is football in the south.

Yes, the playoff will keep two teams from getting into the championship game, but as far as a conference and its strength, it only makes the SEC stronger.

A playoff can have rules set up all it wants, but until the rest of the College Football World figures out how to recruit, coach and build the competitive brand the SEC has, there will be no one that will be able to dethrone this conference from the title game or the trophy.

So if you are one of the folks who hate the SEC and believe they are ruining college football, don’t get your hopes up…

The SEC might win 15 straight Crystal Trophies before someone figures out how to take this mighty conference down.

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No. 1 - Atlantic Coast Conference


Laugh all you want, but the only conference that can truly benefit from this College Football Playoff is the ACC.

Plus, right now, there is nowhere for the ACC to go but up…

The conference simply could never figure out how to be successful in the BCS Rankings.

This year alone, the ACC is 3-18 versus BCS Opponents

Yes… 3-18…

But this playoff gives the ACC new hope and the addition of the teams it has added including the Louisville Cardinals earlier today.

ACC Commissioner John Swofford might actually beat the Big 10 to the punch in adding 16 teams setting up the true conference playoff leading to the big prize.

The other major thing the ACC did in the past few months that will benefit them greatly is adding the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the conference and adopting a five game football schedule.

This is a marriage made in heaven and the key to the success of the new playoff system.

While every other conference can only get one team into the Fab Four, the ACC can technically get the ACC Champion and its partner in the Irish into the mix.

The ACC will simply be the only conference that could have a National Title Game with two of its teams.

In other words…


The BCS might have caused the ACC fits…

But the playoff system should make the conference a ton of money and bring a ton of national respect.


M Shannon Smallwood has over 10 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism in professional baseball and college athletics and is the ACC Football Guru, SEC Voice of Reason and College Football Comedian for Rant Sports. He is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

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