College Football Has Problem With New Playoff

Mark J. Rebilas-US PRESSWIRE

This weekend brings the end of the college football regular season except for the Army-Navy game next weekend and with that, we will find out which teams will play in what bowl games.

But there is a more pressing issue in college football right now: All the realignment and the fact that all these moves are going to force the four-team playoff that will begin in 2014 to expand to at least eight teams, because all the good teams in the country are likely to be all bunched together in four major conferences.

There are fears out there that the little guy is going to be left out with everything that is presently going on, and I believe that is truly the case. The feel-good stories of teams like Boise State from years past are going to be distant memories, because given the proposed format, teams like that will never make it to the playoff. The playoff will have to expand when we end up with more than four undefeated teams in a  year, or when there are four teams in one conference that are undefeated (or with just one loss), because some teams will get left out.

I really hope something like this never happens, but I give it until 2018 or 2019 when college football comes to the realization that this playoff has to be eight teams and the regular season schedule must be cut by a week to accommodate that expansion. Because, they are student-athletes after all, right? What will the new 14- and 16-team conferences do then? It will turn into a regular season of just conference games so everyone has a fair shot and that’s just not going to work.

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