College Football Rumors: Is Colorado After Bobby Petrino?

By Riley Schmitt

College football rumors are always interesting around this time of the year but this latest one might take the cake. It appears that Colorado has a big name that they want to take over the job. That name would be Mr. Bobby Petrino, who would certainly bring a lot of intrigue to the game.

This would be so epic that this needs to happen almost instantly.  Petrino could certainly recruit and it would help get the program back on the right track.  However, there would be some people that would not be really happy about bringing him in.  It would be a debate about winning football games or winning with the right type of coach.

Personally, I think the school needs to swing for the fences.  The job is an absolute sewage dump right now.  No one in their right mind is going to go there but Petrino might use it to help build his brand again.  That might not work out in the long run for the school but it could be the best thing for them right now.  They need to build the brand up to where they can get some young name to come in and take over.

If there is a god of college football, this will happen.  Imagine all of the jokes that could be made about it.  Both parties might down right now, but that means they just might be perfect dance partners.


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