Georgia Doesn't Stand a Chance Against Alabama, Which is Precisely Why They'll Win

By Michael Collins

This year’s BCS Championship semi-final–otherwise known as the SEC Championship game–pits two teams in Georgia and Alabama that haven’t faced each other in four years, with the last meeting resulting the Crimson Tide giving a 41-30 black eye to the Bulldogs’ blackout at Sanford Stadium. And believe me when I tell you the game was nowhere near as close as the score.

Now that Alabama (BCS No.2) has solidified itself as the best program in college football (if you could only hear the snark in my voice), there is no reason for Georgia (BCS No.3) to even show up to the Georgia Dome on Saturday. Let’s just hand the SEC Championship trophy over to Nick Saban and let him go take care of business against Notre Dame.

After all, a Saban-coached team is vastly superior to a Mark Richt coached team, regardless of the talent level on either team, right?

If you’ll pardon my temporary case of southern-ness, that dawg just don’t hunt.

Despite Bacarri Rambo‘s best efforts to stir up a mad hornets nest in Tuscaloosa by saying the Bulldogs were the more talented team, I’ll still give Georgia more than just a snowball’s chance in hell of beating the mighty Crimson Tide. In fact, I’ll pick them to win this game, just as I did in August when I predicted this very meeting.

(I’ll wait for the rolls of toilet paper and bottles of Tide detergent to stop coming my way before I continue).

The thing about Rambo’s statement is, he’s absolutely right. At the skill positions and in many other ways the Bulldogs are the more talented team. Up until about four weeks ago, that really didn’t mean much. But ever since Georgia defensive back Shawn Williams called out his teammates as being “soft”, the Georgia defense has looked like a completely different animal, and QB Aaron Murray has looked like the second coming of Matthew Stafford…sans the keg parties.

Georgia is healthy and confident coming into this game, and despite dispatching rival Auburn in a 49-0 blanking, the Crimson Tide are still questioning their indestructibility following their loss to Texas A&M and near loss to LSU.

Both the Aggies and Tigers proved that Alabama has warts, particularly if you spread them out on defense and play the short pass/screen game and keep that defense on the field. The Tide’s semi-suspect secondary might not be able to keep up with Georgia’s talented receivers and backs, so we could see a situation where the passing game opens up the run game for the two freshmen studs in Georgia’s backfield.

Saban’s team will play with discipline and will be methodical, just waiting for the Bulldogs to make a crucial mistake. If that happens, then all bets are off. But if Georgia plays the way they have in the past few weeks, then Alabama could be in for a long day, and a long ride back to Tuscaloosa.

Georgia still has to execute, and they definitely have to avoid those emotional penalties, but there is no reason the Bulldogs can’t come away with a convincing victory, and move on to play for a BCS Championship.


Michael Collins is a Rant Sports NFL and MLB Network Manager, and Atlanta sports columnist. Follow him @GaSportsCraze on Twitter and here on Facebook

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