Purdue Offers Head Coaching Job To Butch Jones

By Riley Schmitt
Frank Victores-US PRESSWIRE

Purdue has flown under the radar as far as their coaching search has gone, but that appears to have changed. It looks like the Boilers have offered their open position to Butch Jones, who currently coaches Cincinnati.

If you have followed the news around Purdue, this move should not shock you.  In fact, the only name that has been really attached to the job has been Jones.  It appears that a decision will come down soon and I will be shocked if he decides not to make the jump.

He would get a salary increase if he made the jump and he would be walking into a situation that is, believe it or not, set up to succeed.  There is a lot of talent on the roster, but the coaching staff was never able to tap into it.  Jones would not have that issue and the team should be a decent team next season.  That is the type of thing the team needs.

This would get the fan base talking and people would actually want to show up to games.  Jones is a good coach and he has had success at almost every stop.  This would be no different and he would be able to keep the Cradle of Quarterbacks alive and well.

Jones could decide to stay in Cincy, but it looks like the Boilers will have their new coach soon.

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