Student Sent Home for Haircut Depicting Johnny Manziel

By Connor Muldowney
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You hear about kids getting sent home for problems at school all the time, even haircuts that can distract students from their learning environment.

Well, this may be the most interesting haircut to ever cause a student to be sent home from school– a Johnny Manziel haircut.

Yes, I said a haircut depicting Texas A&M star quarterback and Heisman hopeful Johnny Manziel with the writing “Johnny Football” on the other side of his head.

Christian Chavez of Kerrville, Texas, is the new proud owner of this stunning hairdo. Chavez jumped at the opportunity to shave the freshman quarterback’s face into a hairstyle.

Barber Rob Ferrel of San Antonio, Texas, put out an ad, offering to shave the quarterback’s likeness into any willing participant. Chavez was obviously a willing candidate and he loves his new haircut:

“I love the haircut. I’m a big fan of Johnny. My parents love it, too. They like Johnny. My older brother played with Johnny.”

His school told him he couldn’t come back to class until he had the face shaved off his head. So what does any reasonable person do in this situation? Well, skip a few days of class of course:

“Might as well keep it keep it tomorrow and get it cut either Sunday or Monday. I thought I would be fine. I was surprised. My mom came and got me. She didn’t like the fact they told me to go home.”

This isn’t the first time Ferrel has shaved the face of a Texas sports star into someone’s hair. He created an “MVP Portrait” of San Antonio Spurs star Tony Parker during last year’s NBA playoffs.

For anyone looking to get this beautiful haircut shaved into their head, a Rob Ferrel “Johnny Football” haircut costs roughly $100 and takes a couple hours to perfect. Don’t everyone jump at once.

I think we all know who Chavez wants to win the Heisman. You’re welcome, Johnny Football.

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