Tyrann Mathieu Story is Everything That is Wrong With Football

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Former LSU Tigers cornerback Tyrann Mathieu has announced his plans to enter the 2013 NFL Draft.

This story is everything that is wrong with football in modern day America. Mathieu has been in and out of trouble with the law since his time as a college player. He’s continuously struggled with drug abuse and discipline problems.

Mathieu impressed me a few months ago when he announced his plans to stay away from football and get his life together. He said he was going to rehab to fix his drug and alcohol problem.

Mathieu made the noble decision to value his life over football, and that was impressive.

Well, it was impressive until he got yet another drug charge against him along with four other former LSU players. This was after his two weeks of rehab.

This was certainly the end of Mathieu’s hopes to play football, right?

Not in this age. Mathieu declared for the draft, and will most likely be chosen because of his outstanding ability to play the cornerback position.

If Mathieu gets drafted, it will show an extreme lack of discipline by the NFL and that college players they can do pretty much anything and teams will overlook it to have the talent on the field.

There is already an argument that football players get away with too much. They get free passes from trouble their whole life normally starting as young as high school, and it continues all the way to the NFL. The Mathieu story is just more proof of that.

Mathieu agreed to give up football and get his life together. He failed at rehab, so now he’s heading back to football, where he is most likely going to be rewarded with a million-dollar contract for deciding to go back into the sport rather than clean up his act.

If he couldn’t escape his drug problems in rehab, why would anyone think he can avoid them with no supervision as an NFL player.

If Mathieu is drafted, I will be extremely disappointed in football as whole and its lack of player discipline.

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