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Tyrann Mathieu To Enter 2013 NFL Draft

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Tyrann Mathieu may not be coming back to LSU but he does have higher football aspirations. The former Heisman Trophy contender plans on entering the 2013 NFL Draft.

This is an interesting move but one that should be expected.  I do not think that he would end up playing again at the college level but his track record is a serious cause for concern.  Can you really invest a bunch of time and money into a guy who simply cannot avoid trouble?  That has to be a giant red flag for GMs across the country.

On the flip side, the dude is extremely talented.  I doubt that he will ever be a lockdown corner but he has the talent to be a game changer.  He can ignite a team with a big special teams hit or a long return and he does not have to shut down a team’s top wideout to be effective.  However, he is going to have to dedicate himself to special teams if he wants a long NFL career.

I am rooting for Mathieu to make it, simply because a story of redemption is always fun to follow.  However, he needs to keep his life on the straight and narrow.  If he screws up again, no one is going to trust him.  I expect him to be a Day Three pick to a team that is stable enough to support him.