Purdue Has Contacted Willie Taggart About Vacant Head Coaching Position

By Riley Schmitt

For whatever reason, the Purdue Boilermakers coaching search has flown a bit under the radar. The only real substantial news that has come out is that the team has offered their open position to Butch Jones. On Friday, another possible candidate emerged in the form of Willie Taggart.

I would have to assume that Taggart is the fallback option in case Jones turns the school down.  He has taken Western Kentucky to bowl games the past two seasons and at age 36, he is still a very young coach.  However, I have my doubts about how serious of a candidate that he might be.

For one, this move would probably infuriate anyone who is a fan of Purdue.  That is not a knock on Taggart, but they were burned once by a coach from a small Kentucky school.  I really do not think most fans want to go down that road again.  They want a proven name with major conference success or a big time offensive pedigree.  Taggart’s teams have shown flashes, but I doubt that is enough to win over a fan base.

These whispers will need to be followed in the coming days.  Purdue will probably know on Jones in the next 48 hours.  If he says no, that could mean Taggart is the main target.  He would come cheap, but that would be another reason to possibly avoid him.  The fans do not want someone seen as “cheap.”  They want someone they know.  It’s great to see Taggart get a look, but this fit doesn’t make a ton of sense.

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