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Top 10 Undefeated College Football Teams of All-Time That Were Snubbed

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Top 10 College Football Teams of All-Time That Were Snubbed

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Every year there's that team that plays exceedingly well and comes one game short of the national title game. Some years there's even a team that will go undefeated and still finish third or fourth in the controversial BCS rankings and miss out on the title chance.

This year was a prime example of the undefeated team missing out on a title game, but the reasoning behind this was self-inflicted.

Ohio State finished 12-0 this season and will not be playing for a national championship. Well, they won't even be playing for any bowl trophy at all. The Buckeyes are in the midst of a one-year bowl ban based on the actions of former coach, Jim Tressel, and former star quarterback, Terrelle Pryor.

There have been multiple teams in the past, yes even before the BCS was around, that went unbeaten for an entire season and missed out on the opportunity to play for a title.

Teams that fly under the radar are especially prone to this type of problem. Boise State knows all too well how the BCS overlooks the non-power conference teams.

The Broncos had two undefeated seasons from 2006 through 2010 and yet didn't get the respect that they deserved to play for the coveted crystal ball trophy.

Granted, the Broncos finished in the top five both seasons, they came a couple votes short of making an impact on college football and proving that the underdog can finish on top. The cliche "David vs. Goliath" phrase was used regularly with them.

I'm here to take you through the top 10 all-time college football snubs that finished the season undefeated. Any teams that I missed, feel free to comment and let me know.

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10. 2008 Utah Utes(13-0)

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The 2008 Utah Utes were one of just two teams to finish with an unbeaten record in the regular season. The other team was the rarely-respected Boise State Broncos who lost their bowl game to TCU while the Tues won the Sugar Bowl over Alabama and finished as the nation's lone unbeaten team. Yes, I said the only undefeated team and beat Alabama along the way, but no chance at a national title and finished the season at 13-0 and ranked No. 2 in the AP Poll.

How good were these Utes? They won at Michigan in their first game of the season and went on to beat three more ranked teams in the top 15 to cap off their undefeated season. Too bad we will never know if they were good enough to be national champions, and I'm sure that eats at head coach Kyle Whittingham to this day.

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9. 1975 Arizona State Sun Devils(12-0)

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Not too many people know about the undefeated snubs before the BCS was around, but they were still prominent. The 1975 Arizona State team finished the season 12-0 and were coached by legendary Sun Devil coach, Frank Kush. They outscored opponents by an average of 18 points per game and had one of the nation's best defense, allowing just about 10 points a game. They also had four players drafted in the 1976 NFL Draft and two of them were defensive players drafted in the first round, which was no surprise seeing as they featured such a solid defense.

They finished the season ranked No. 2 and won the Fiesta Bowl over Nebraska. Any team would consider this a great season, but no chance at a title matchup would irk any coach, especially Kush.

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8. 2009 Boise State Broncos(14-0)

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Chris Peterson has been one of the best coaches in the country for the past decade and for what reason? Well, he has taken an otherwise undesirable destination for football players and turned Boise State into somewhat of a powerhouse. In 2009, Boise State became the second team in Division I FBS history to go 14-0, but still didn't get a chance to make that 14th win in the national title game. They began the season as the country's 16th best team and ended the season at the No. 4 spot. The only reason they didn't get a shot at the BCS National Championship game? They beat just one team that was ranked in the top 25 during the regular season, and that was in the first game of the season. The BCS hates easy schedules and that is precisely what Boise State had.

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7. 2012 Ohio State Buckeyes(12-0)


This is not as much of a head-scratcher as the choices in the top six of my list, but the Ohio State Buckeyes went 12-0 in a weak Big Ten and will not play for a national title, nor will they play in any sort of bowl game. They are on a one-year bowl ban and first-year head coach Urban Meyer has done wonders with a team that was 6-7 the year before. He has turned an average quarterback, Braxton Miller, into a Heisman candidate. Meyer said that Miller is the most talented quarterback he has coached. Big words coming from a man that coached Tim Tebow-- a Heisman winner at Florida. Ohio State didn't really get snubbed because they are missing a bowl game due to their own wrongdoing.

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6. 2004 Utah Utes(12-0)

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This happens to be the second time the Utah Utes have made this list and also the second time that Urban Meyer has coached a team that made this list. Although this team broke the mold and was the original "BCS-buster", they were not invited to play in the title game because they were from a non-BCS conference. What I mean by BCS-buster is that they were the first team from a non-BCS conference to be invited to play in a BCS game. They were the highest ranked non-BCS conference team in every week of the season, beginning the season at No. 19 and ending as the No. 4 team in the polls. Although there were two undefeated teams ahead of them, they were seemingly unchallenged all season long. They averaged around 45 points a game while allowing just 17 points per game. Yes, that's an average win of 28 points per game.

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5. 1993 Auburn Tigers(11-0)

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The Auburn Tigers have a great tradition of winning(except for the past two seasons) and have been in title talks seemingly every season. The 1993 version of the Tigers were no different as they finished the season with a perfect record. However, they began the season unranked and had to work their way up the ladder as they didn't break the top 25 until week four and kept soaring in the rankings, especially after a week seven win over conference rival and No. 4 team in the country, Florida. They jumped from the 19th spot in the rankings to No. 9 overall. They went on to win the final four games of the season including an "Iron Bowl" win over No. 11 Alabama. However, they were in the middle of a postseason ban and were not allowed to be televised all season long. Snubbed or not, this team was certainly national title-worthy.

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4. 1994 Penn State Nittany Lions(12-0)

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This may be one of the toughest No. 2 finishes in Joe Paterno's decades of coaching at Penn State. The Nittany Lions were one of the top 10 teams in the country to begin the season and worked their way all the way to the No. 1 spot after a 6-0 start to the season, and looked to maintain that spot as they beat the No. 21 Ohio State Buckeyes at home by an astounding 49 points. However, in a strange series of events, they dropped to No. 2 and won their next four games, maintaining this No. 2 position for some odd reason. They were the New York Times National Champions after winning the Big Ten title and earning the right to go to the Rose Bowl to face No. 12 Oregon. They won the game and frankly, were the first major snubs of recent history.

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3. 2010 TCU Horned Frogs(13-0)

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I know what you're thinking, TCU isn't exactly a powerhouse so why would they play for a national title. Well, this 2010 team did go undefeated and started the season ranked No. 6, seemingly in a good position to move up and play for a title with an undefeated season. With a pretty mediocre strength of schedule, playing just two ranked teams prior to their bowl game. They outscored these ranked teams 77-28, but still found themselves on the outside looking in at the end of the season. TCU had one of the best offenses in the country, scoring 43.3 points a game while allowing just 11, basically demolishing opponents all season long. Unfortunately, they were the No. 3 team in the BCS and were just one ranking spot away from playing for the national title. They defeated the Wisconsin Badgers in the Rose Bowl to end the perfect season with a bang.

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2. 2006 Boise State Broncos(13-0)

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This was the first undefeated season that head coach Chris Peterson had at Boise State. Although it was the first of two, it was still probably the best team he has ever had at Boise. They began the season unranked and proved week after week why they deserved to be one of the nation's most respected teams. They didn't become ranked until week four and then continued to climb up the ranking by beating all the teams that they were supposed to beat. Sure, they didn't play a ranked team all season long leading up to their bowl game, but they proved in the Fiesta Bowl exactly why they should not have been overlooked. The Broncos battled the much more talented and respected Oklahoma Sooners in the Fiesta Bowl. Everyone was writing off the Broncos before the game even started. So what did Boise State do? They proceeded to beat the heavily-favored Sooners in one of the greatest bowl games of all time.

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1. 2004 Auburn Tigers(13-0)

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Drum-roll, please. The No. 1 undefeated snub of all-time has to go to the 2004 Auburn Tigers. This team, coached by Tommy Tuberville, began the season ranked No. 17 and looked to be just one of the middle of the pack teams in the rankings all season long, nothing too special. However, this team proved everyone wrong, winning all of their conference games in the toughest conference in the country, the SEC. They beat four top 15 teams in the regular season, seemingly earning their way toward a national title appearance. Once again, the BCS seemed to bite a team for winning against a tough opponent by a tight margin. They were the No. 2 team in the country and traveled to Alabama to play a tough Crimson Tide team, winning 21-13, but dropping to No. 3 the following week and never moving from that spot. They won the Sugar Bowl and finished the season 13-0, leaving many people to wonder how this team wasn't a national champion.