College Football: Times are Changing

By Allen Faul
Kelley L Cox-US Presswire

Living in Tuscaloosa, the excitement for Saturday’s Southeastern Conference championship game undoubtedly took  hold of the headlines, much as it did across the college football world.

However, an interesting angle was presented this week: with college football’s looming playoff, what are the chances these conferences will continue to play in these knockout games?

In college basketball conference championship games are played with an automatic bid the tournament (or playoff for this discussion) on the line.  Even if a team in said conference championship were to fall, if the resume was up to par, they would still have a chance to make their way into the playoff picture.  However in college football, with just four seats at the playoff table up for grabs, it is highly unlikely a loss in a conference championship game would still allow a chance at a national championship.

In future years it will be in the best interests of the conference to rid themselves of these games that have become a fixture on our television screens the first weekend of December.  No longer will it be beneficial for the conference jeopardize their position in the playoff for the sake of the conference game.

Take this year for example.  The Southeastern Conference as it sits would hold 3 of 4 positions in the playoffs; that number would only drop to 2 should a championship game be played. It is simple math-three is better than two.

This past summer when the college football playoff was announced the decision was celebrated as the change college football needed; there just might be more changes than expected.

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