Colorado Buffaloes Miss on Coach They Had in Mind

By Derek Kessinger

The University of Colorado fired Jon Embree before they had the coach they were counting on locked in. There is strong indication that Athletic Director Mike Bohn was targeting recently fired University of California-Berkeley coach Jeff Tedford for the Buffs’ head coach – at the press conference held Monday to announce Jon Embree’s dismissal, Bohn said he had a guy in mind; Bohn hinted that he was wooing an established guy with a good track record.

Dave Kreiger and Dave Logan cited an unnamed source on their 850 KOA show that revealed the misstep.

Despite the assumption made by Bohn that Tedford wanted the CU job, it is now clear that the former Cal Berkeley coach had no interest in turning the Buffaloes around. Part of the reason for that is the $6.9 million buyout the coach has from Cal as long as he does not take another job. This process would suggest that Tedford was never contacted by anyone at Colorado.

Part of the reason for speculation that Tedford was Bohn’s guy revolves around the odd nature of Embree’s firing. The former Colorado coaching staff had no idea their jobs were on the line as of Friday night, only to receive the news Sunday. It appears that Bohn’s mind changed over the weekend, perhaps when Tedford’s name was brought up as an Offensive Coordinator choice for the Buffs going forward after his official dismissal.

As Kreiger stated on the show, if Tedford was not contacted by Colorado, then Mike Bohn does not deserve to keep his job. It is unbelievable to think that the Athletic Director would make a rash decision to fire Embree without first securing his successor. President Bruce Benson needs to address this situation and find out if the trajectory of the program is off course because of Bohn’s incompetence.

Colorado is at least a few days away from making a decision. Currently, they’re chasing Butch Jones of the University of Cincinnati, who could either stay in his current location or move on to Purdue. Gary Anderson of Utah State and Tim Deruyter of Fresno State are next on the list. Charlie Strong of Louisville, which would have quelled some of the racial tension caused by Embree’s firing, has also said no to Colorado, . Bobby Petrino, Jim Tressel and Mark Mangino are all out.

If Colorado misses out on Jones, Anderson and Deruyter, where do the Buffs turn?


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