North Carolina State Hiring Dave Doeren To Be Head Football Coach

By Riley Schmitt

Dave Doeren just led his team to the MAC Championship and now he is going to have a new team to lead. It appears that he is in the process of taking the North Carolina State job and the deal should be done fairly soon.

This would be a great hire for the school and it is a smart move for Doeren.  He will get a substantial pay raise and he is getting recognized for being an extremely good coach.  NC State needs a guy like this who can step in and make things happen right away.  Look what NIU did this season with Doeren leading the charge.  They still have an outside shot of playing in a BCS bowl.

I think this move might put more dominos into action.  A lot of schools were interested in Doeren, so this takes a piece off of the board.  Other schools are going to have to move fast to lock up the guys that they want.  Otherwise, they could be left out of this coaching carousel.  No one wants to be the team that does not get the guy they are after.

Things could change and it could fall apart, but I do not see that happening.  Both parties benefit from this move and NC State might start competing in the ACC again.  It will take time but they have the right guy to make things work.


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