Wisconsin's Montee Ball Sets NCAA Rushing TD Record

By Connor Muldowney
Richard Mackson-US PRESSWIRE

It didn’t take Montee Ball long to become the NCAA‘s all-time rushing touchdown leader. It took the senior running back just one half of football to pass the previous mark (73) when he broke and 16-yard touchdown and dove from the three-yard line into the endzone.

While the outcome of the game was certainly never in doubt, the Wisconsin Badgers didn’t fail to put up points at the mercy of their opponents, the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

He is already the NCAA’s overall touchdown leader (81) and tied for the NCAA record with two-touchdown games (25). He tied this mark with a 9-yard run up the middle in the third quarter.

While Nebraska’s confidence began to fall, Ball struck while the iron was hot. The score at the half was 42-10 and the second half started with a Taylor Martinez interception and ball scored a touchdown the next offensive play. He scored once more before the end of the quarter on a 57-yard run that featured an impressive spin move out of a tackle and a stiff arm that the Nebraska defender won’t soon forget.

It took the Wisconsin offense just two and a half quarters to gain the most rushing yards a Bo Pelini defense had ever given up.

Ball had 111 yards after just one half of play and finished with 202 yards and three touchdowns. He wasn’t the only running back to get into the rushing action as Melvin Gordon and James White both chimed in with their own impressive performance.

Gordon finished with 216 yards and a score while White had 109 yards and four touchdowns of his own.

Nobody predicted the mammoth beat-down that Wisconsin put on Nebraska and no one could have projected the offensive output by the Badgers. The Badgers as a team rushed for 541 yards and eight rushing touchdowns, while Curt Phillips threw the ball just eight times for 71 yards as the Badgers beat the Cornhuskers 70-31. Both teams combined for an astonishing 800-plus yards and 12 rushing touchdowns, basically video game-type numbers.

The Badgers are going to the Rose Bowl for the third straight season. Maybe next year, Cornhuskers. Maybe next year.


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