It's Official: Texas Longhorns Headed to the Alamo Bowl to Face Oregon State Beavers

By Marian Hinton
Kirby Lee: US Presswire

Throughout the week, it was believed that the Texas Longhorns were a shoe-in to play an SEC team in this year’s Cotton Bowl, but due to a strange twist of events, the team is now headed a bit further south to the Alamo Bowl and will face the No. 13 ranked Oregon State Beavers.

With the Northern Illinois Huskies squeaking into the Orange Bowl with their victory over Kent State in the Mid-American Conference’s title game, the Oklahoma Sooners, who were thought be the recipients of a BCS at-large bid, were bounced out.

With the Sooners falling to the Cotton Bowl, the Longhorns (8-4) fell to the Alamo Bowl.

This season has been another disappointing one for Texas. For the first time since the 1930s, the Longhorns have had three consecutive seasons in which they’ve lost four conference games.

To be fair, the Longhorns are a very young team and had a lot of key injuries to defensive players throughout the season, but nevertheless, fans haven’t been happy with the way the season played out after a hot start.

As the team heads into bowl preparations, it will be interesting to see what changes, if any, are made (I have a feeling things will stay the same).

The Longhorns generally perform well in bowl games under head-coach Mack Brown, who is 9-4 in the post-season while at Texas.

Though it will certainly not be an easy task, as Oregon State is a very strong team, a win for the Longhorns is a must for this young team if they want to carry any momentum with them heading into the spring.

Will a bowl victory satisfy the fans after another disappointing season?

Not at all, but a loss would make the off-season completely unbearable for a fanbase that is already frustrated with the way the last few seasons have gone.

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