Big East Should Forfeit Automatic BCS Bowl Bid Until Further Notice

By Jeff Shull

With all the problems people are having with Northern Illinois making a BCS bowl, another problem being swept under the rug is the fact that the Big East is full of mediocre teams that consistently slip through the cracks and play for major bowl bragging rights.

The only team that has won their BCS matchup in the past four seasons, West Virginia, does not even reside in the Big East any longer. They are now members of the Big 12, and they played Clemson in the Orange Bowl last year who is in the overrated ACC (which I’ll not get into today).

Year after year, the Big East has stolen BCS bids from teams that deserve it. Louisville is set to play Florida in this year’s Sugar Bowl, and get the bid over the likes of Georgia, LSU, Texas A&M, South Carolina and Oklahoma. Anyone want to try and tell me Louisville is better than those teams?

Spare me the argument that you have to be fair to all conferences, because it’s unfair to leave elite teams like those mentioned previously out of the mix. The BCS essentially punished Georgia for playing an extra game. They were hurt by the fact they qualified for the SEC Championship. If that doesn’t show you what’s blatantly wrong with this system, nothing will. Georgia won the division over Florida because they beat Florida, yet because the Gators were idle this weekend Georgia is pushed down to the Capital One Bowl.

Back to the god-awful Big East. Louisville, a team that did not play a single ranked team all season, won the Big East on a technicality. They finished in a four-way tie with Syracuse, Cincinnati and Rutgers. Anyone else have a problem with this? Before West Virgina’s win over Clemson, the previous three Big East teams to appear in BCS bowls lost their matchup by an average of 22.6 points.

If you’re not buying into the fact that they are an average football conference at best, then maybe you’ll agree the BCS needs to strip their automatic bid with all the teams that continue to leave the conference. Louisville, Syracuse and Pittsburgh are all heading for the ACC soon, and Rutgers is bolting for the Big 10.

Seems to me the Big East is on the brink of folding anyways, on top of the fact that they are a terrible football conference and getting worse.

The BCS is going to a playoff system in 2014 with the top four teams having a shot at the national title, but the six BCS conferences are still going to have automatic bids for the eight spots in the second tier of bowls. This has to be changed, or else the system will continue to be ridiculed, and rightfully so.


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