College Football: We Did This to Ourselves

By Allen Faul
Brian Losness-US Presswire

We did this to ourselves.

That is the only thing I can think about as I saw the release of BCS matchups: Florida StateNorthern Illinois (Orange), StanfordWisconsin (Rose) FloridaLouisville (Sugar) and Kansas StateOregon (Fiesta).

With the exception of the Fiesta Bowl and the National Championship game, I am hardly intrigued in any of these games between mismatched opponents in what will certainly be played in front of less than capacity crowds because of the aforementioned fact. The only thing this bowl schedule has done is ensure that I will be spending more family time for the first few days of the New Year (who am I kidding I will probably still watch, but I am in the minority).

But going back to my original thought, we did this to ourselves. The Big East, regardless of its weak standing was still allowed to hold automatic qualifier status regardless of the failures of Connecticut and Cincinnati.  To make matters worse, the one team with BCS success in the conference (West Virginia) sprinted to the door to join the Big 12.

We did this to ourselves when we wanted to make it easier for Boise State to get a chance to play some of the nation’s elite.  We would throw our hands up in anger if special concessions were made for the Big 12, Pac 12, or SEC, but because we are curious how smaller schools would fare against bigger programs we are all for it? I’m confused.

The formula should be simple: if you are one of the best, you are one of the best and will play in one of the big games.

If there is anything I have learned, it is that the BCS is not about assembling the best games possible, nor serving college football fans with excitable matchups-no it is about trying to appease everyone from congressional delegations to writers. But just like in life, you can never please everyone no matter how hard you try.

Now, here we are again, trying to do just that-please everyone with college football’s new playoff system. It is just a matter of time before it won’t be good enough and another wrinkle is added in.

A lot will complain about this year’s BCS slate-probably the same ones that stomped their feet and made it possible.

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