College Football's Regular Season Should Be Extended

By michaelcronin
John David Mercer-US PRESSWIRE

What a sad day in America. College football’s regular season is done for the year. While most sports leagues like the NBA, NHL (when they play) and MLB should have their regular season’s shortened, college football needs to add on a couple games.

I’d have everyone go to 9 conference games (at least in the BCS leagues) and then have 4 mandated non conference games. Add in another mandatory bye week and you’ve got your two, or even three, extra weeks I desire.

There is no reason that some of the best teams in this country will go over a month without playing a football game. It gives coaches way too much time to prepare and all it does is create too much stability.

College football is about chaos! We want to see crazy happen and when coaches control the game, they normally kill the fun. How many times have we seen this happen? All it does is leave us with games that don’t live up to the hype.

Additionally, this will give college football more time to stay in the spotlight. No other sport just goes away into a dark corner and dies before they play their most important games. Outside of select radio shows in the south, college football is taken out of the mainstream. The NBA, college hoops and, of course, the NFL take over. Sorry but recruiting chatter just isn’t doing it for me.

Oh and please spare me the student athlete nonsense. I get the physical toll. We’ve taken that into account by adding an extra bye week. Academically, college basketball players compete up to 3 times a week during their regular season. What makes college football any different? They are still going to play just one day a week although it will go a little bit longer into their semester.

This idea isn’t revolutionary but it really hits you when you know it’s over. This sport is too damn good to end so soon. It feels like Week 1 was just yesterday.

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