Dave Doeren Named New NC State Head Coach

By Ryan McCart

It didn’t take long for North Carolina State to find their new head football coach. The search by athletic director Debbie Yow was done quickly and efficiently, yielding a surprisingly good result. Dave Doeren has been named the new head coach. Doeren was the coach at Northern Illinois, and has done an excellent job during his tenure there.

The Huskies have won the MAC Championship the last two seasons under Doeren and are hoping to jump from 21st in the rankings to 16th so that they can go to a BCS bowl game. That probably won’t happen but in two years Doeren has made Northern Illinois a viable program. He is now being asked to do the same for the Wolfpack, something that I think he will be able to do.

When Yow decided to fire former head coach Tom O’Brien it was a big surprise around the ACC. The Wolfpack finished the season with a 7-5 record, which to be fair was disappointing, but it was far from a failure. However, I do think that Doeren is an improvement of O’Brien.

During Doeren’s two years with the Huskies he amassed a record of 23-4 and 17-1 in the MAC. He won’t have the same immediate success in the ACC, but that is simply because the ACC is a deeper league then the MAC. NC State is in the Atlantic Division so they have to play both Clemson and Florida State every year, which is no small task. Right now the Atlantic is the better of the two divisions in the ACC so Doeren will be going up against the best the conference has to offer.

I think that this is a great hire by Yow and North Carolina State, but I also believe that it will take a few years before Doeren can turn the Pack into a true contender again. It takes time to build a program, so fans shouldn’t be shocked if the first couple of years are a little rough, but Doeren seems to be the right guy to turn around this program in the long run.

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