Louisiana Tech Stays Home After Declining Bowl Bid

By Riley Schmitt

Louisiana Tech was 9-3 this season and they had the best offense in the nation. Once you add all that up, you would think they would be playing in a bowl game. Not so fast, my friends. The school declined a bid to the Independence Bowl and will be staying home instead.

This comes as a major surprise and there has to be more to this story. The school would have played against Louisiana-Monroe in the bowl. That school happens to be their chief rival, so something smells funny about this. I know that I would love watching my school take on a big rival in a bowl game.

This means that Sonny Dykes is basically done as the coach of the football team.  He will end up taking a new job and he will get a nice pay increase for his troubles.  I just cannot wrap my head around why this team would turn down a bowl bid.  There is almost no negative to playing in a bowl.

Even if Dykes was leaving, you could use the practices to prepare for future seasons.  This is hurting the team this year and in the future.  I simply do not see how this was the right decision for the school or the team.

Maybe something about this will come out soon, but the school looks pretty petty right now.

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