Northern Illinois Makes Orange Bowl, Set To Play Florida State

By Riley Schmitt

In a bit of shocking news, Northern Illinois is going to be playing with the big boys in their bowl. It appears that the school has been chosen to play in the Orange Bowl, where they will take on Florida State.

This is a bit of a shock, but the team played amazing this year.  The only loss they suffered came in the first game of the year and if they had to replay that game, they would probably win going away.  Jordan Lynch simply had an incredible season and now people get to see him play on the national stage.  That is big for the program going forward.

Think about how this will impact recruiting.  They are getting BCS exposure, which can only help the team.  Recruits will want to come play at the school if they have this record.  It really does not matter how they play in the game, it is the fact that they actually were picked to play in it.

I honestly think they are going to give FSU quite a game.  Some people may dismiss it but it should be a very good game.  I can not wait to see Lynch and company go up against a very good defense.  This will get a lot of attention and with good reason.  The little guy crashed the party once again.  Hopefully they prove that they are for real.

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