South Florida Fires Skip Holtz

By Riley Schmitt

Skip Holtz had a good start to his coaching career at South Florida but the wheels fell off the last two seasons. The team missed a bowl game each of the last two years, so the team has parted ways with the coach after three seasons.

This adds another open job to the coaching circus but I am not sure how many people are going to jump at this job.  The conference is a wreck right now, so they would have to look for a young coordinator.  The team has had talent but things have not gone right the last two seasons.  There is no reason that a team as talented as this could not make a bowl game.

Then again, this fits the pattern of Holtz’s coaching career.  He can put together a good season or two but then the wheels simply fall off.  You can not compete in college football if your coaching staff can not keep things together.  The school had to make a change but they might have waited too long.  Other schools have already zeroed in on targets, which means USF might be looking at scraps.

This will be an interesting job to follow.  I am intrigued to see what names they go after, since the school is in a bit of an interesting situation.  If they get a big name, I will be surprised but you never know with college football.


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