BCS Bowls: Bowl Parings, Coaching Rumors, Monday Morning Water Cooler

By M. Shannon Smallwood
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It’s all said and done as far as Championship Weekend and the BCS Rankings are set.

And a lot of people are hot to trot about things as well.

So if you were running errands at Bed, Bath and Beyond all weekend and you can’t keep up with Twitter to get caught up then you’ve come to right place.

Below is everything you may have missed mixed in with some things no one knows yet so you can be the king of the water cooler.

Buckle up and be sure to take notes…

BCS Championship
Yes, the Alabama Crimson Tide will face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish for the title. Bama is giving 8.5 to the Irish after the official announcement.


All Hail the Huskies
Everyone will be talking about is the fact the Northern Illinois Huskies slipped into the Orange Bowl to face the Florida State Seminoles. The Huskies have a Heisman Trophy Candidate in QB Jordan Lynch who will get to showcase his talents against the ‘Noles. The Orange Bowl wasn’t trilled with this match up and tweeted such…


Spike-Gate Kills the Dogs
It’s a fact that Bulldog Nation is beside themselves over the fact the Georgia Bulldogs chose to run a play and not spike the ball. Bottom line, running the play was the right thing to do and if Bama didn’t tip the ball, the Bulldogs are playing for a National Championship. Instead, thanks to the BCS, Georgia falls to No. 7 and is sent to Orlando, Florida, once again. One play and four yards from the BCS Title and the Dogs end up in the Capital One Bowl. Pathetic!


Coaching Rumors
The Auburn Tigers are leaning back towards Gus Malzahn but still have Chris Peterson and Gary Patterson high on their list.

The Arkansas Razorbacks have been all over the map looking for its new head coach. There is a lot of buzz going around that the Razorbacks have something big scheduled for Tuesday and the new No. 1 guy on their list is Chris Peterson.

The Tennessee Volunteers have a new darling in its coaching search. And it is none other than Butch Davis. Ask the North Carolina Tar Heels how that marriage turned out…

And the Virginia Cavaliers created a lot of vacancies as Head Coach Mike London fired pretty much everyone on his staff on Sunday. This should be interesting to see which displaced assistants end up with the Cavaliers over the next few weeks.


Louisiana Tech Stays Home
The Louisiana Tech Bulldogs had a great year finished the 2012 campaign up at 9-3. But do to a gaffe by Athletic Director Bruce Van De Velde. Twitter went nuts over the fact Van De Velde turned it down because he didn’t want to play rival Louisiana Monroe Warhawks. The final story has it that Van De Velde asked for more time on Saturday and that request was denied.

The whole situation ticked off famous alumni and NBA Hall of Famer Karl Malone who went off on Twitter…


Don’t you just love Twitter!


The BCS Bowls
There is way to much to go into detail here folks, but let’s just say there is not that many compelling match-ups thanks to the way these folks have to put it together. If it was a betting game where you took the BCS Bowls or the rest of the Bowl Field it wouldn’t even be a discussion. The remainder of the bowls have match ups like the LSU Tigers versus the Clemson Tigers in the Chick-fil-A Bowl and the Oklahoma Sooners versus the Texas A&M Aggies. And that’s just two that anyone would take over the Stanford Cardinal versus the Wisconsin Badgers.

Here is the link to how all the other BCS Bowl Match Ups Fell,

So there is the quick and easy on everything you need to know to be the champ of the cubicle jungle on Monday.

Don’t forget to gripe about how bad Vern Lundquist and Gary Danielson were during the SEC Championship and your will be golden.


M Shannon Smallwood has over 10 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism in professional baseball and college athletics and is the ACC Football Guru, SEC Voice of Reason and College Football Comedian for Rant Sports. He is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.

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