Bret Bielema Will Be Next Arkansas Football Coach

By Riley Schmitt
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Bret Bielema just shocked the entire college football world. It appears that Arkansas has pulled off the coup of the college football world by hiring the head coach of the Wisconsin Badgers to take over their job. Bielema’s old team is getting ready for the Rose Bowl, but this is a huge change.

I mean, I am in total shock right now. The Badgers were making Rose Bowls like they were going out of style and Bielema was making a decent amount of money. The Razorbacks must have knocked him over with their offer because almost no one saw this coming. It really popped up over the last few hours with things starting to get leaked out.

As wacky as this job search was, I think they ended up getting a good one. Bielema is a darn good coach and he should be able to compete down south. However, the Badgers are the ones that are left out in the cold on this. What on earth are they going to end up doing now? This is a total wrench into their plans and they could not have been expecting this.

This is a great move from a football perspective for Arkansas. Expect them to start competing again right away. It might not be titles right away, but this guy can certainly get them into contention. Not bad for a job that had new rumors every hours.

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