College Football Rumors: Florida State Headed to the Big 12?

By Curt Popejoy
Florida State

With college football teams seemingly always in a state of flux and teams on the move constantly, it only makes sense that good teams will gravitate toward other good teams, creating these so called “power conferences”. To some this is a bad thing–the notion that the college football landscape could eventually be controlled by essentially four groups. Me? I’m all for it, and with the rumors going around today, it is very good news for fans of the Big 12.

The rumor currently circulating on radio stations in the Tampa area is that the Florida State Seminoles have accepted an offer to become a part of the Big 12 conference. If the rumors are to be believed, official announcement of this could come as early as next week.

My take: This is a win/win for both the conference and for the Seminoles. The ACC conference is among that second tier of conferences and with a playoff in major college football on deck, aligning oneself with a more powerful conference makes perfect sense for FSU. The Big 12 has done an excellent job of building their conference back up after teams vacated recently and bringing a team with the tradition and history of FSU on board would be a huge get for the conference–not to mention that the ability to use the fertile recruiting grounds of Florida by all Big 12 schools would help improve every roster.

Once I heard this rumor, I started putting out some feelers to see if I could get any level of confirmation. At this point I am getting a lot of no comments, which to me is promising because if there was nothing to it, I’d get a flat-out no. Make sure to keep checking back as this situation develops further.

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