ESPN College Football Monopoly Must End

By Andy Schmidt

With the college football bowl schedule being announced this week, I started making my plans for what games to watch and came to a realization that almost every game is on one of the ESPN networks. It really seems like ESPN has a monopoly on everything college football-related, including the upcoming four-team playoff that begins in 2014. This monopoly and embarrassment of riches has to stop for the good of fans who don’t have cable to see their favorite teams play.

I can understand if you play the lesser bowls during the week on ESPN because no major network is going to pre-empt their normal primetime programming for a college football game. My problem comes in on the weekends when most of these games could be played anyway and should be spread out through the four major broadcast networks. This way, those fans who don’t have the money to be putting out for cable television can actually see games just like every other weekend of the college football season.

The major bowl games should all be on Jan. 1 anyway and does anyone remember when CBS, NBC and ABC all had bowl games on at the same time around lunch time? That wasn’t that long ago and I’m sorry, but ESPN needs to spread the wealth here. It is becoming a joke how many of these games are on ESPN or ESPN2. I know it isn’t going to change, but wouldn’t it be nice to revisit the past some and have everything on New Year’s Day again?

Andy Schmidt is a columnist/writer for RantSports. Follow him on Twitter @ASchmidtSports or like his Facebook page.

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