Gus Malzahn Will Be The Next Coach At Auburn

By Riley Schmitt
Nelson Chenault-USA TODAY Sports

It appears that another coaching search is over. It looks like Gus Malzahn will be going back to his roots as he appears to be ready to take over the Auburn coaching job.

This is another move that comes a bit out of left field. It appears that Kirby Smart was the favorite but Malzahn does have ties to Auburn. Maybe Smart did not want to bail on Alabama, so he decided to stay with them. This move might not be the move some fans wanted, but it should help them in the long run.

I expect that he can bring some good offense back to the school. In fact, I think losing Malzahn was a big reason that Auburn started to slide a bit. Of course, I could be wrong but something has to explain why they fell so hard and so fast. Yes, losing Cam Newton hurt, but a team should not simply collapse like that in a mere two years.

Coaching news has really picked up in the last two days so teams have had to go out and pick up their guys before it was too late. You did not want to be the team that was left out in the cold while another school picked up your guy. This move should benefit both parties, even if it will be a bit before they start competing again.

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