Mike Gundy Close To Leaving Oklahoma State For Arkansas

By Riley Schmitt
John Rieger-USA TODAY Sports

It may come as a shock but it looks like Mike Gundy is going to be coaching a new team soon. He has had a ton of success at Oklahoma State, but it appears that he is going to be the next coach at Arkansas. Of course, things can change in the very near future.

This move strikes me as odd.  Gundy always has OSU in contention but he is going to leave to try to bring Arkansas up to speed?  It is a murderous job, as the teams they have to compete with are always national title contenders.  Maybe Gundy has felt disrespected in Stillwater, but I am just thrown for a loop by this.

Arkansas could have done a lot worse if they end up with Gundy, so it is a good move for them going forward.  I am not sure how long Gundy will end up staying with this job, though.  It just seems like a strange situation all around.  Maybe this ends up being the challenge that he has always wanted to deal with.

We will keep you updated on this situation as more information comes out.  If Gundy does indeed make the jump, it is going to cause a ripple effect across all of college football.  The scramble to find new coaches could pick up very quickly across the entire board.


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