Purdue Boilermakers Need To Make A Push For Darrell Hazell

By Riley Schmitt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

On Tuesday, the Purdue Boilermakers struck out on their first attempt to hire a new football coach. The team made a big push for Butch Jones, but was turned down. This might indicate a bigger problem at the school, but that is a different story. In the meantime, the school needs to make a push to hire Darrell Hazell.

I know a lot of fans would not be happy with another dip into the smaller school market, but hear me out on this one.  Hazell is a young and up coming coach who just turned the Kent State Golden Flashes into a very good team.  If not for an early season slip-up and a heartbreaking MAC Championship loss, they would be a BCS team.  He built that team from the ground up.

Hazell will not be as expensive as Jones would have been and he has experience coaching on the offensive side of the ball.  Although he tried to turn his teams into a run first and defensive based team, he would do just fine with the quarterback legacy at Purdue.  Plus, who can remember the last Purdue team that was competent on defense?

For me, I would have to push back to 2003 to find a team that I enjoyed watching play defense.  These recent teams just have issues all over the place.  Hazell would fix that.  There is also a ton of running back talent on the roster.  Hazell could maximize that.  He would make the game fun to play again.

Purdue could do worse than Hazell as a second option.

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