Purdue Is Hiring Darrell Hazell To Be New Football Coach

By Riley Schmitt
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

If you have not followed the Purdue and Darrell Hazell saga, you are lucky. This has been one of the most screwed up things on the planet, but it appears that Hazell WILL be the next head coach at Purdue.

This has been a mess so far.  It appeared that the deal was done earlier today, but then it was off.  Sources that are close to the situation (which are not me) said the deal was not going to happen.  However, it is back on.  I think that some of this has to do with other coaching services.

I believe that the two parties had a skeletal agreement early this afternoon with some haggling left to be done.  Once Wisconsin opened up, I believe Hazell decided to sit back and wait.  Purdue was not willing to do that and was ready to back off and Hazell said he would stay.  However, Wisky is not going to go after him so he decided he would jump to Purdue.  It’s either that or I am completely and totally insane.

So for now, Hazell is going to lead the Boilermakers.  This could change in the next ten minutes for all I know.  That is how stupid this has been.  He would be a great fit with them, but I am just hoping this ends soon.  Get it done so the rest of us can move on.

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