Purdue Reaches Principle Agreement With Darrell Hazell

By Riley Schmitt

It appears that Purdue will end up getting their man after all. They struck out in their pursuit of Butch Jones but the school has reached an agreement in principle with Darrell Hazell, formely of Kent State.

Things could still fall apart but Purdue has put the full court press on Hazell since Monday afternoon.  I think they realized that Jones was not going to come, so they went after another guy.  Hazell is a very respected up and coming coach and he should do well with the school.  At the very least, he can get them to play defense again.

After letting Danny Hope go, people were not sure that Purdue had a set plan in place.  However, they had been making the rounds to get a decent sum of money together to chase down a coach.  Hazell built KSU up from nothing and it looks like he can do the same at Purdue, except that he will have a lot more to work with.  The talent is there, he just has to make it work.

This might fly under the radar, but this is a good hire for the school.  He’s promising coach who just so happens to be not that expensive.  It is a lot better than being cheap for the sake of being cheap.  Look for big things out of this partnership.


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