Southeastern Conference Continues Showing Dominance

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

It has been clear for the last six or seven years that the Southeastern Conference is the place to be for high quality college football with the conference winning the last six BCS titles. There were two coaches who thought that on Tuesday with Wisconsin Badgers coach Bret Bielema heading south to coach the Arkansas Razorbacks and Gus Malzahn coming back to take over the Auburn Tigers. I was shocked that Bielema decided to leave Wisconsin after three straight Rose Bowl appearances but maybe Bielema saw the writing on the wall with how the team would be in the years to come and decided to depart.

Malzahn was the architect of the Auburn attack that won the BCS title just two years with Cam Newton at the helm. It was a terrible year for Auburn and bringing Malzahn back into the fold was the right move as one of the biggest goals every year for Auburn is to beat the Alabama Crimson Tide and they are watching their rivals play for the title again this season.

There are college football fans who can’t be pleased seeing SEC schools in the championship game every year but the fact is the best football in the country is being played in that conference and if your school isn’t there, you don’t want to play anyone in the SEC. It is a scary thought thinking that there may be even more great teams in the SEC in the next few years when Bielema and Malzahn get everything in gear the way that they want. We should just prepare for more SEC domination in the coming years.

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