Steve Addazio To Be Next Boston College Coach

By Riley Schmitt
Rob Christy-USA TODAY Sports

In a day filled with coaching hires, it almost seems like people forgot about Boston College. That ended late Tuesday afternoon as the school has decided on Steve Addazio. Addazio was previously the football coach at Temple.

I think this is a smart hire for the school.  BC has fallen on some tough times and Addazio is well respected across the country.  2012 was not his greatest year, but I think he will do just fine at BC.  The conference may have struggled overall at football this past year, but they have had some teams make smart coaching moves this year.

He is going to come in and build this program up the right way.  It is going to take time, but most projects do.  If the school and the fans are patient, they will be rewarded with a very good program.  It has been a little bit since we could say that about them.

As for Temple, they will have to find a young guy to come in and take over.  They have had a very respectable team recently so it should not be much trouble.  They might not be able to keep a guy long term, but someone should be able to come in and get them back to a bowl.

At the end of the day, I think all parties benefit from this.  It is not often that we can say that.


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