Army-Navy Game to Feature 1944 Tribute Uniforms

By Brandon Cavanaugh
Danny Wild – USA TODAY Sports

Brush up on your United States history. This year’s game between the Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen is going to feature a tribute to one of the defining moments in United States history, let alone the world’s.

If anyone can appreciate a proper uniform, it’s the young men from West Point, N.Y. and Annapolis, Md. The year 1944 obviously is very significant as not only did Army win the first of three consecutive national championships, but more importantly, the Battle of the Bulge took place.

An actual map of the battle is part of several uniform elements, including the helmet stripe, jersey numbers, gloves and cleats. The helmet also features the insignia of the 101st Airborne Division, which aided in the Battle of the Bulge.

Navy’s uniforms are somewhat more futuristic when it comes to the jersey and font of the numbers, but their helmets feature a slick golden stripe, naval insignia and appropriate anchor logo.

The best part of the Middies’ uniforms is actually under the pads. The tight undershirt features a large reprint of the First U.S. Navy Jack flag, the Gadsden Flag, complete with rattlesnake and “Don’t Tread on Me” lettering. The flag can also be found on the back of the Midshipmen’s helmets.

Admittedly, both uniforms are very well done, but the lettering and numbering on Navy’s jerseys seems out of place. If the Navy Jack could’ve been implemented more, it’d be hard to choose the better overall uniform. Army gets the nod there, but both sets of duds get the Seal of Approval®.

Brandon Cavanaugh is a college football columnist for Rant Sports and a member of the Football Writers Association of America. Follow him on Twitter: @eightlaces

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