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BCS Bowls: Top Five Teams that Got Snubbed in the BCS

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Top Five Teams Snubbed by the BCS

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The dust has settled from the final BCS Rankings and the Bowl Announcements that followed.

Does anyone no anything more than what was known on Sunday night or Monday Morning?

Probably not…


But what is 100% apparent is that the BCS is the answer to give the College Football world a definitive National Championship Game

That is it…

It is not created to make any common sense beyond that into who deserves to play where.

For the most part, the BCS has been better that what was the norm with the polls being the only deciding factor.

It is clear with conference allegiance and regional media bias that system would have been a farce in today’s game.

Past years have given fans the best teams in the nation playing for the big money…

The SEC has fully figured out the BCS…

But to the rest of the nation it's completely broken…

To the SEC, though, it is working just fine…

Until this year…

Because the meat of the teams that deserved to get into the BCS in 2012 are all SEC teams.

And of course that is illegal…

It’s not fair for the SEC to fill up all the games and steal all the money…


College Football Fans want great games.

Games they want to be talking about for years to come…

Like the SEC Championship Game

So with the foundation set, let’s take a look at the Top Five Teams Snubbed From the BCS.

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No. 5 - South Carolina Gamecocks

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As mentioned earlier, this is going to be an SEC list…

The South Carolina Gamecocks had quite the resume.

At 10-2, 6-2, there are not many teams with the talent on both sides of the ball that the Gamecocks can throw at you.

The big win came early as they dumped the Georgia Bulldogs, 35-7, and seemed poised to make its push to the BCS.

But a two-point loss to the LSU Tigers and a big beat down to the Florida Gators did the Gamecocks in officially.

South Carolina got back on the board, though, with a big rivalry win against the Clemson Tigers to end the season.

The Gamecocks can play and beat anyone in the country and if the system was correct that allowed the best teams in the nation to face off with one another you could have seen them battling in the BCS.

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No. 4 - Texas A&M Aggies

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The system is about who is playing the best football at the end of the year right?

Well if that is true, no one is playing better than the Texas A&M Aggies!

Yes, the Aggies may have struggled against Florida Gators and the LSU Tigers but they beat the Alabama Crimson Tide

And they have Heisman Trophy Finalist Johnny Manziel!

What is there not more to like to see in a BCS Bowl than Texas A&M…

Pretty sure the Aggies would be a much better TV draw in the Rose Bowl than the Wisconsin Badgers.

But thankfully everyone gets a treat watching Texas A&M battle the Oklahoma Sooners in the Cotton Bowl in front of 100K fans…

Sounds better than any BCS Game to this guy…

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No. 3 - LSU Tigers

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The LSU Tigers had the Alabama Crimson Tide dead to rights and should have won the game against the Florida Gators.

When those are your only two losses on the season, you are a team that deserves to be playing in the BCS.

But thankfully, College Football fans will get a treat as the Tigers will line up against the Clemson Tigers in the Chick-fil-A Bowl.

A battle of who the best Death Valley is, who the best conference is and who the king of the Tigers will be…

Again, another bowl that is better than any BCS Bowl.

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No. 2 - Oklahoma Sooners

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A reminder that everyone in the world, including the BCS has forgotten is that the Oklahoma Sooners two losses were to the Kansas State Wildcats (BCS Bowl Team) and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (BCS National Championship Game).

How in the world the rules let Oklahoma slide out of the BCS is criminal…

Don’t get me wrong…

Northern Illinois Huskies are a great story and they have a great player in Jordan Lynch who the country needs to see.

But is Northern Illinois better than Oklahoma and a better pick financially for the Orange Bowl?

100% NO!

This shaft of the Sooners trickled down to the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs who are the first 9-3 team to not go to a Bowl Game since the days when there were only like five bowls.

Congrats to the Huskies, but the Sooners should be there…

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No. 1 - Georgia Bulldogs

Daniel Shirey-USA TODAY Sports

This is where the system is broken…

There is no way, ever, that the Georgia Bulldogs should not be in a BCS Bowl!


I could care less the Florida Gators had one loss…

Georgia played an extra game…

For the SEC Title and a chance to play in the BCS National Championship Game.

And for the love of all that is good and holy the game came down to the final play and four yards for a chance to face the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

And what do the Bulldogs get…

A battle with the Nebraska Cornhuskers in the Capital One Bowl

What’s in your wallet…

A big pile of crap…

Georgia should be in a BCS Bowl somewhere.

The fact that a team is punished for playing outstanding football and making the conference championship game is idiotic.

Nebraska losing in its championship game to the Wisconsin Badgers is not anywhere in the same category as Georgia losing the Alabama Crimson Tide on the final play.

If this was a playoff game, which it was, there is nothing wrong with Bama moving on to face the Irish.But in the BCS, Georgia has to play in the Sugar Bowl.

Let’s just all agree to be thankful next year is the last year for the BCS…


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