Butch Jones Will Be Next Colorado Football Coach

By Riley Schmitt
Frank Victores – USA TODAY IMAGES

Butch Jones has had a lot of rumors swirling around him but those are going to end soon. It appears that he will accept the offer to become the next football coach at Colorado.

This is going to be quite the interesting move for Butch.  He is going to be well paid for this move but he has never really had to recruit the area out west.  He has made his bones in the east and the middle of the nation, so he is going to have to get a good staff together to make this thing work.

Of course, no one is really sure how good of a coach Jones is.  He has always followed Brian Kelly and he has inherited some very good players.  He has not screwed up those situations but he really did not improve on those teams.  It is going to be interesting to follow Colorado for the next few seasons.

Trust me, improvement is not going to come quick.  The school and the team have some issues and it is not going to be an overnight fix.  I hope that Jones gets as much time as he needs to try to right the ship.  They can become a power again, but they need to have patience and trust in what Jones does.

This is a good hire but we have to see how the combination is going to work in the short and long term.

UPDATE:  Jones says he has not accepted the offer so this situation is still ongoing.  We think.

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