College Coaching Rumors: The Circus that Was Tuesday, Tennessee Still on the Carousel

By M. Shannon Smallwood
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So has everyone had a chance to catch their breath from what was a great day to be a sports writer and a better day to be a College Football Head Coach?

Wasn’t it fun!

And let’s just go ahead and give the kudos award to the Arkansas Razorbacks

They hid the hire of Bret Bielema by leading everyone down the Les Miles via Chris Peterson with a stop at the Mike Gundy station.

Well played Jeff Long

Well played indeed…

But in case you missed it, here is a quick rundown of what went down…

Auburn Tigers
The Tigers got back on the Gus Bus as it hired back Gus Malzahn who left to take the job with the Arkansas State Red Wolves. It is obvious now that Auburn had a choice between keeping Gene Chizik or Malzahn this time last year and chose Chizik. Well, now the school is paying both around $200K a month. One to comeback and coach the team and the other to stay as far away from the team as he can.

With all the down revenues at Auburn this year because of their horrendous season, it will be interesting to see what campaigns come out to help get the boosters back on board with their wallets to pay what now is about $4 million for the old coach and the new coach.


Arkansas Razorback
This is a great hire for the Razorbacks. Bielema is a no-nonsense guy and is a 180-degree turn from the charisma of Houston Nutt and the arrogance of Bobby Patrino.

And again, the Athletic Department did a phenomenal job in keeping this one under lock and key. Fine work!

Arkansas will be able to recruit a lot of NFL caliber linemen and running backs now that will bring a smash-mouth brand of football to the SEC.


Boston College Eagles
Quietly in the side door the Eagles hired Steve Addazio from the Temple Owls. A good solid hire and a man that should maximize talent and get BC back on the winning track next season.


Purdue Boilermakers
The Boilermakers grabbed up the other rising star in the MAC as it named Darrell Hazell as its new coach. Hazell had turned Kent State Golden Flashes into a formidable program and should far well recruiting on the bigger stage at Purdue.


So there is a quick list of who jumped off the Coaching Carousel on Tuesday…

Now here is a list of team that are getting desperate because the window of quality coaches is quickly closing…


Tennessee Volunteers
Does anyone know exactly what is going on or who is running this search?

It is clearly obvious the money behind Volunteer Football came out swing for the fences in an all out effort to hire John Gruden.

And it is also obvious they did not have a Plan B…

Rumors yesterday had the old North Carolina Tar Heels Head Coach Butch Davis as well as the current Head Coach Larry Fedora.

And of course now Charlie Strong is the front runner and Al Golden is still out there too to be the savior of Tennessee.

But, unless the Volunteers are pulling an Arkansas on this, they are looking pretty inept and stupid at this point.

And the clock is ticking down on what could be a disastrous situation.


Colorado Buffaloes
Again, what is happening in Boulder, Colorado?

The situation was critical during the season and one in which John Embree probably should have been given at least one more season to steady the ship.

But instead you have had at least 40 coaches contacted or reported to be the top guy on the list over the past few weeks.

The latest is Butch Jones has a contract in hand and the job is his.

But Bronco Mendenhall also is still at the top of the list too.

The door is closing quickly folks.

And after all, this would be a great job!

Boulder is great and the legal weed makes recruiting a snap…

So there is a quick run down on the day yesterday and what to look forward to do as you search twitter.

Rumor also has it that Ole Woody Smalls is in the top five on a few lists to be the next head coach at a couple of these vacancies…

Times are tough when you wait this long to hire a coach…



M Shannon Smallwood has over 10 years of experience in broadcasting and journalism in professional baseball and college athletics and is the ACC Football Guru, SEC Voice of Reason and College Football Comedian for Rant Sports. He is a member of the Football Writers Association of America and the US Basketball Writers Association.

Follow him @woodysmalls.


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