College Football Rumors: Should Tennessee Go After Bobby Petrino?

By Riley Schmitt

With news coming out that Charlie Strong has rejected overtures from Tennessee, the school is starting to run out of options for its next coach. Almost everyone they have asked has turned them down and it is starting to look desperate in Knoxville. That being said, is it finally time for the school to send feelers out to Bobby Petrino?

I mean, we all understand that there would be a lot of baggage with a hire like this.  Fans would probably not be happy right away but you know what makes people happy?  Winning.  Petrino has proven he can win games in a tough conference and he is not going to be that expensive.  He needs to rebuild his image and so does the football team. It may look odd but they might be perfect for them.

UT has not been very subtle during their search either.  They have been rejected by some very high profile names and it is not a good reflection on the state of that job.  However, bringing in a guy like Petrino can quickly get the team back on the right track.  If he decides to leave after a few years, the team is probably well on the way back to being respectable.

I doubt this will end up happen but I think that a call needs to be made to at least gauge his interest.  The longer you have an open coaching job, the worse off you will be.  It is time for UT to suck it up and make that call.

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