Florida International Cuts Ties With Mario Cristobal

By Riley Schmitt
Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

After 2011, there was no hotter name on the coaching market than Mario Cristobal. He had great success with Florida International and it looked like he was headed for bigger and better things. However, he decided to stick around for 2012 and things went south. The team underperformed and in a shocking move, he was fired early Wednesday.

At first glance, there has to be something bigger going on.  A school like FIU will not fire a good coach on a whim.  They would be very hard pressed to find a guy that could do what Cristobal does.  At best, they end up getting a guy who is as good.  At worst, they return to a dumpster fire.

There have been some odd whispers around the school but there has been nothing concrete about the job.  You keep seeing bits and pieces about how everyone’s favorite football broadcaster who also likes to be attached to every coaching job might be interested.  I consider that to be false at this time but I guess you never know.

This is what makes college football so interesting.  You never know what is going to happen on the coaching market.  Guys get replaced and teams have to move on.  Sometimes, teams end up making a move that just baffles everyone.  This is certainly one of those times.  The carousel has been in full swing and it hasn’t been more entertaining.

Then again, if they get Jon Gruden, who is going to complain?

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