Should Colorado Pull Their Coaching Offer to Butch Jones?

By David LaRose
Richard Mackson- USA TODAY Sports

After giving Cincinnati head coach Butch Jones an entire day to ponder their coaching offer, with no response, is it time for Colorado to pull the offer?

Jones met with CU brass for nine hours on Monday to talk about their opening head coach position and to get a feel for Colorado’s campus and their facilities, but flew back east without accepting anything. CU athletic director Mike Bohn left the meetings confident and said they “went terrific”, but now a day has gone by with no word from Jones or his agent.

In what was a whirlwind day in the college football world, with coaches being fired and coaches being hired, Colorado was left waiting by their phone for an answer that wouldn’t come. Jones did make an appearance Tuesday during a previously scheduled press conference to discuss Cincinnati’s Belk Bowl but refused to discuss his future, even threatening to end the presser after being asked a second time about whether he’d be the Bearcats coach for the game.

You have to wonder now with all of the movement yesterday in the coaching ranks if Jones has rethought his choices and maybe starting to look elsewhere. The biggest surprise of the day was Brett Bielema bolting from Wisconsin to take the head coaching position at Arkansas. Did the sudden opening of the Wisconsin job have any bearing on Jones’ wavering? It’s unclear, but anytime a position like that opens up it makes sense for Jones to do his due diligence and see if there is any interest.

Jones was tabbed as Colorado’s top choice for their open coaching position from the moment the search began. They courted him for nine hours on Monday while offering him a five-year, $13.5 million contract, which would pay him more than he’s making now with Cincinnati. If he’s still torn at this point whether or not to accept the job maybe it’s time for Colorado to pull their offer.

There’s nothing worse than waiting on someone to make a decision, especially one as big as this. Colorado’s made it clear they want Jones but with his wavering it’s becoming more and more clear that he may not want Colorado. It’s about that time for CU and Bohn to move on to plan B.

The real question is whether or not Colorado has a plan B but from the looks of the meetings on Monday and their waiting period on Tuesday with no movement it doesn’t seem like they have one. If they had a decent backup plan they might have already pulled the offer but they haven’t and that should say something. On top of that would their second choice be as good as Jones? No it wouldn’t and that’s why Colorado is desperately waiting on that phone call.

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