Who Will Be the Committee that Selects the BCS Playoff Selection Committee?

By Kris Hughes
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There’s a question that’s been running around my head ever since it was announced a few months ago that we would be moving to a 4-team playoff in college football following the 2014-2015 regular season, away from the current Bowl Championship Series structure that has been so divisive and bizarre:

Who will be the committee that selects the BCS playoff selection committee?

I know, that sounds so meta, right?

BCS Executive Director Bill Hancock noted today in a press conference that choosing the playoff selection committee is one of the organization’s next priorities.

Given the fact the BCS wants us to believe they are making a sea change in the way college football operates with the implementation of the playoff system, they will do all they can to ensure this playoff selection committee is unbiased and equally representative, right?

Before this can happen, shouldn’t the committee that selects the committee also have the same makeup?

Call me crazy, but the logistics of choosing an unbiased and non-partisan committee to choose the playoff committee will be much more of a monumental task than we are being led to believe–if it is done with professionalism and fairness, that is.

Sure, to knock things out and keep things moving, it would be easy for Hancock and whomever works alongside him to select a university president from a prime institution in each of the BCS conferences and simply call it a day.

This, however, would be more of the status quo and leave out schools from conferences outside of the BCS–in simplest terms, the current non-Automatic Qualifiers–and continue to maintain a barrier between the haves and have-nots even as we move toward change.

Can Bill Hancock really allow this to happen and continue to purport that the future will be different from the present?

The simplest answer to this is no.

Reality, however, states that what is most logical isn’t always how things shake out.

If you’re interested in how successful the playoff system will be in 2015 and beyond, see who is selecting the selectors.

That will tell you all you need to know.

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