Butch Jones Turns Down Colorado Coaching Offer

By David LaRose
Frank Victores- USA TODAY Sports

After a lengthy three day process that involved long meetings, food carts, bowl press conferences, leaked stories and finger pointing the potential coaching deal between Butch Jones and Colorado has fallen apart.

Jones has reportedly turned down the five-year $13.5 million Colorado head coaching offer and both parties will move on wishing each other luck in the process.

Initial reports last night by the Denver Post suggested that Jones accepted the coaching position but the school and Cincinnati coach denied all reports saying they were “absolutely false”.  It was rumored that he would deny all reports until he talked with his team and informed them of his decision.

A press conference was scheduled for this morning that was likely to announce his intention to coach for Colorado but between last night and now the deal fell through. Jones still might not return to Cincy and one of the reasons he’s turned down the Colorado offer is because he is now in the mix for the opening at Tennessee.

This has been one of the biggest disasters of a coaching search in recent memory. Colorado targeted Jones from the start and put all of their cards on the table but it seemed like Jones was hesitant from the very beginning. If the opening sentence of this article wasn’t enough to describe the bizarre situation, not much else can. It’s unclear if the media circus surrounding this search played a part in Jones’ decision to walk away but it surely did not help matters.

Now for Colorado they need to regroup, move on and pursue a coach that really wants to be a part of the rebuilding process in Boulder. Colorado was never Jones’ destination job and he made it very clear with his lengthy deliberation.

Potential candidates for Colorado to pursue consists of two bay-area coaches, San Jose State coach Mike MacIntyre or Fresno State coach Tim DeRuyter. If these two coaches are their next targets expect the new offer to be less than what they were offering Jones.

For the sake of the current Colorado players and their weary fan base a deal needs to be reached and reached quickly because CU is making themselves look even worse than they already were perceived.

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