College Football Rumors: Bo Pelini Reaches Out To Tennessee

By Riley Schmitt
Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

Tennessee is a laughing stock in the college football world. They have offered their coaching job to almost everyone available and they have been shot down every single time. However, it appears one man might be interested in the job. That man would be Bo Pelini, who currently coaches at Nebraska.

I guess UT could do worse in this search.  Pelini has not been awful with the Cornhuskers, but he has not exactly set the world on fire there.  I do not think that Nebraska fans would be upset to see him go either.

They expected to win some big games with Bo at the helm, but that has not happened yet.  In fact, they seem to lose every big game that they end up in.  They had a shot to go to the Rose Bowl, but they were ran off the field.  Literally, they would have been better served to run off the field than play the type of game that they played.

This coaching search has drawn a lot of attention and it does not look like it will be over soon.  Pelini may be interested but that does not mean he will make the jump.  He might just be trying to angle a raise from his current school.  However, they would offer him a ton of money to make the jump to UT.

As long as this keeps up, college football fans have something to laugh at.  I can’t say that is a bad thing.


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