First Shots Fired In 2012 Army-Navy Game

By Tyler Brett


Barbara Johnston – USA TODAY Sports

There are few rivalries in college football that transcend sports quite like the annual tilt between the Army Black Knights and Navy Midshipmen. Each year, these two service academies come together to play one of the final games of the season in what is always a spectacle that reminds everyone that there is more to life than just football. The cadets on the field exemplify this fact better than anyone as they prepare themselves to deploy all over the world in defense of the United States of America. That doesn’t mean they can’t have a little fun first.

As certain as the triple-option will be run, the cadets from both academies will try to pull a prank on the other. This year, the prank war looks like it’s going to go to Army. It seems that someone hacked into the U.S. Naval Academy e-mail and sent out a mass mailing in advance of the Army-Navy game on Saturday and sent out the following message:

Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller

Dec 5

to goarmysinknavy, AllUSNA, USCC, BTD


In preparation for the humiliating defeat Army will be dealing to us in the near future, I have some guidance to pass down.

Firrst: when we stage for march-on, we need to clean up our act. The internet has us pegged as dirty slobs – this year, we need to bring trash bags and clean up after ourselves. From what I understand, Army is embarrassed to even be associated with us.

Second: clean up the actual march-on. Please at least pretend to be in the military. Dress right dress, don’t talk at attention, etc. Seriously, this one is easy.

Third: we need to have better accountability of our goats. This is also very embarrassing.

Fourth: when Army sings second, we will be respectful and professional.

Fifth: we need to be better at cyber.

Finally, I award you all with PMI (sleep ins) until Christmas. Maybe even a little longer, depending on how morale is going after Army defeats us on Saturday.


Go Army, Sink Navy!

Terrifying ramifications on the cyber-security of our future naval officers aside, this is a pretty epic prank. Not only does it embarrass Navy by getting inside their computer network, it brings up all the embarrassing little snafus by Navy in the last few years that have given this rivalry some extra pop.

Of course, Navy at 7-4 will enjoy playing one more game after this as they meet the Arizona State Sun Devils in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Army, at just 2-9, will be done after this game, so the Midshipmen ultimately get the last laugh on the field.

That doesn’t mean the Army cadets can’t take pride in winning the battle of pranks this year. Don’t expect Navy to give up on the war, however, and look for even more fireworks between the academies off the football field leading up to Saturday and again next year.

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