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5 Reasons Why Collin Klein Should Win the 2012 Heisman

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Collin Klein Will Win the Heisman

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On Saturday a new name will be inked in the history books and a new hero will emerge for the next generation of football players. Only one man can come out victorious and be named the best college football player in the country for the 2012 season and that one man will then own one of the most famous pieces of hardware in all of sports, the Heisman Memorial Trophy.

The three finalists for the prestigious award are Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel, Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o and Kansas State quarterback Collin Klein. Now all three of these players have had a spectacular season and deserve their invitation to New York, but only one of them can walk away with the trophy.

Each of these players brings something different to the table, and each has their own justifiable reasons for winning the Heisman. Te’o is the best player on of the best defenses in the country, it helps that he is also on the top ranked team in the country and has an amazing but heart wrenching backstory to this year.

Manziel has been a sensation around the country as a true freshman, and let’s face he has basically been a video game player all year. His statistics are ridiculously good, and being that he is only a freshman he will have multiple chances to win the Heisman in the future.

Klein was a star all year and at one point was the starting quarterback on the top ranked team in the country. Many believed that when Kansas State lost to Baylor a few weeks ago that Klein’s Heisman hopes were shot, but in reality the senior may have the best resume of the three.

In my opinion Collin Klein should be named the winner of the 2012 Heisman Memorial Trophy for a multitude of reasons, but five of them really stick out in my mind and should be on the minds of every Heisman voter.

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5. The Level of Competition

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Don’t fool yourselves; this may be the determining factor in this race. The level of competition that you play is what puts statistics into perspective. Everyone immediately points to the SEC as the top conference in the land but the Big 12 is no slouch itself. In fact, the only reason that the SEC is considered to be the best is because it is a top heavy league but they have plenty of bottom dwellers as well.

Many believe that Manziel should win because he plays in the SEC, but when you compare the competition Klein actually has the advantage. Texas A&M went 6-2 against opponents that did well enough to go to a bowl game, but two of those wins came against 6-6 teams and one came against an FBS school. Manziel went 3-2 against ranked teams this year.

Klein on the other hand went 8-1 in such games and 5-0 against ranked opponents, so when it comes to the competition Klein did the better of the two.

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4. Let's Face it the Heisman is an Offensive Award

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Now the Heisman Memorial Trophy is supposed to go to the most outstanding college football player in the country any given year, but that really isn’t the case. We just need to face the facts and accept that it is just an offensive player of the year award. The last defensive player to win the award was Charles Woodson in 1997, but he was also a kick returner which played a big part in his Heisman win.

Before Woodson, the last player that played any defense to win was Ernie “the Elmira Express” Davis in 1961. Davis was a running back by trade but dabbled in playing a little linebacker from time to time. There have been plenty of defensive players in the past that deserved this award but walked away empty handed, perhaps most notably Ndamukong Suh. So while Te’o may in fact deserve this award more, chances are that this will come down to Manziel and Klein.

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3. No Freshman Has Ever Won the Heisman

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Throughout history the Heisman has been an award strictly for upperclassmen, but a few years ago that changed and sophomores were suddenly winning the prestigious award. However, a freshman has yet to win the award, and while Manziel may be deserving he is far from the first. Back in 1999 there was this young man at Virginia Tech named Michael Vick (you may have heard of him) and he was the most electrifying and exciting player in the country but he was a redshirt freshman and finished third in the Heisman voting.

There was a time where everyone believed that no sophomore would ever win the award, but that eventually ended. Now, no one believes a freshman will win the award, but at some point that will change to (just not this year). So I have now discredited both Te’o’s and Manziels chances so maybe it is time to get to the reasons why Collin Klein deserves this award.

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2. Leadership

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Klein is the senior leader of the fifth ranked team in the country. He has played through injuries and come out clean on the other side, and except for one poor showing against Baylor he was the best player every single week of the season. For the past two years Klein has made the Wildcats one of the best teams in the country. Without him, Kansas State would not be in the position they are today.

To put it simply, Klein is the reason that Kansas State has been so good these past two years and it is about time that he gets recognized for it.

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1. Historical Statistics

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Here is where we get to the meat of the argument. Collin Klein has been a historically exceptional quarterback these past two seasons. For the second consecutive season Klein finished with over 20 rushing touchdowns and 10 passing touchdowns in the same season. The exact stats for Klein this year are 22 rushing touchdowns and 15 through the air.

Only two other college quarterbacks have ever done that, and they both only did it once. In case you were wondering those two quarterbacks were Tim Tebow and Cam Newton and by the way they both won the Heisman in the years that they pulled off that feat. Klein has done it twice now, and the precedent set by Tebow and Newton should come into play here. If you go by history, then it is obvious that Klein should win the award.