Big Ten Must Make Kansas Jayhawks Next Target

By Andy Schmidt
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

There have been major changes in college football over the past few years, with teams changing conferences left and right and shifting all over the place. We are inching closer and closer to seeing four major conferences with 16 teams in each one and getting our new four-team playoff out of those teams. I think the Big Ten Conference has a logical step in front of them now if this 16 team super conference thing is going to happen in the next few years and that is going out to get the Kansas Jayhawks from the Big 12 Conference.

The conference already has the Nebraska Cornhuskers in it, and a natural rivalry is there with Kansas and if Kansas goes – maybe the Kansas State Wildcats come along for the ride to send the Big Ten to 16 teams. If Kansas comes in, you are building a conference that is more for college basketball than football itself,  just like adding the Maryland Terrapins was. Kansas seems like a perfect fit to leave a conference that seems to be shedding the seams anyway, even with the addition of the West Virginia Mountaineers.

I can only figure the Big Ten is still looking to expand, and bringing Kansas into the fray would be another solid move for the conference that isn’t losing anyone unlike everyone else is right now. It also seems like the most solid conference in the country that any school probably would like to get into. It’s only a matter of time until the next domino falls in realignment, and it could be Kansas.

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