College Football Rumors: Tuberville to Cincinnati Sign of Change?

By Curt Popejoy
Texas Tech
Scott Sewell-US Presswire

The announcement today that former Texas Tech Head Coach Tommy Tuberville was leaving the Red Raiders to accept a coaching offer by the University of Cincinnati shocked the college football world for a couple of reasons, not the least of which for me was the question did Tennessee jump the gun on hiring Butch Jones if Tuberville was out there looking to get away from Lubbock?

But to me, there is bigger question.

What would prompt a coach with such a bright future at a program in a bigtime AQ conference for job that anyone outside of Cincinnati would consider a lesser position in a lesser conference? It’s a mystery for sure, and I’ve heard swirls of 3 different rumors about it. Nothing is confirmed but here’s what is being tossed about:

1-Tuberville was going to be fired. I suppose this would make sense. 7 win season and a bowl, but to many that was not enough with this high-powered offense. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that he was on his way out and wanted to do the whole. “you can’t fire me, I quit” thing. I know that Tuberville wasn’t his dream job and he and the university didn’t see eye to eye, so I’ll file this one under reasonable.

2-Sanctions are coming to Texas Tech. There seems to be a dozen schools dipping their toes into hot water with the NCAA every season, but I’ve heard nothing about any problems at Tech, so I’m not sure if I buy this one. It won’t be a terrible shock if suddenly we find out there were problems, but right now I file this under unlikely based on what we know.

3-The Bearcats are set to move.There have been so many rumors lately about teams coming or going from conferences, that a team like Cincinnati would certainly be appealing to a big conference to help bolster their football cred. I find it a little far fetched to think that Tuberville was made privy to insider information that the Bearcats were going to jump ship from the sinking Big East to a power conference and he wanted to be on board. File this under the X-Files.

My Take-Tuberville hated Texas Tech, and they didn’t like him either. Why Tuberville didn’t try for one of the other vacancies is beyond me, but I am convinced that his only motivation was to escape Lubbock whoever would take him. Personally I think this is a great hire for the Bearcats and when we look back in 3 or 4 years at all the coaching changes that have taken place this offseason, this one should rank right near the top for greatest return on investment.

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