NCAA Should Officially Make the Heisman an Offensive Award

By gilgerard
Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Not a surprise, the voters got it wrong. Johnny Manziel had an outstanding year for the Texas A&M Aggies, but he wasn’t the man most deserving of the award. Forget the overall numbers because they frankly don’t matter when the QB has his best games against mid major teams. Throw in the fact he lost 2 major games to SEC opponents and led his team to the pointless Cotton Bowl. No, Johnny Manziel should not have won. The winner of the award is LB Manti Te’o of the undefeated and championship game bound Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

The NCAA should frankly change this award to an offensive award if a defensive player like Te’o can’t win. It’s a travesty to even suggest the voting makes sense because it doesn’t. Every year, the winner is a QB or RB because TD’s are sexy. So, what’s the point exactly? I’m not trying to take anything away from Manziel’s year because he had a great one, but the games against subpar opponents shouldn’t carry the weight they did.

Te’o did it all this year. He put up ridiculous numbers, led the nations best defense to the championship game, and is one of the best people around. This guy deserved the Heisman Award- hands down.

I don’t care about the “records” Manziel broke. I could schedule teams like South Dakota State, Missouri, Auburn, etc and hope my talented QB could put up big numbers. When it comes down to it: Manziel failed twice this year. Manti Te’o didn’t.

So again, why doesn’t the NCAA just go to an offensive player only rule for the Heisman? I mean, if a guy like Te’o can’t win….what defensive player can?

That’s what I thought. A defensive player can’t.

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